The Dharma Room 
Ajeet Khalsa, E-RYT
Svaroopa © Yoga Teacher
Acceptance and Integration Process Counselor 
Children's Yoga Teacher Trainer
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About Ajeet Khalsa

Ajeet has the caring of a deep and wise elder, she skillfully guides your body into a state of deepened awareness and ease in every class she teaches. All classes begin with a guided awareness, followed by a yogic breathing technqiue called pranayama and therapeutic floor poses with virtual adjustments, allowing you to sink into your body with ease and bliss. 

Sometimes we have hidden within the body, certain areas where we hold tension that cause pain. Often times when you begin to practice Svarooopa yoga, either in private sessions or with others, this gentle and slow approach to working with your body gives way to an increased ability for muscle, bone, nervous system, endocrine system, muscular skeletal, para sympathetic and other body systems to heal themselves. This more subtle and deeper yogic approach works beyond even our mind's comprehension, to go right to what the body needs for self-healing.

What a boon to both your heart and your mind! A way to release your deepest tensions and begin to take responsibility for your daily habits, exercise routines and ultimately your destiny. Yoga with Ajeet also helps to relieve hum drum aches and pains too, like headaches, tenderness in the low back, inflammation or swelling, hip discomfort, chronic neck and shoulder tightness, fatigue, stress and sleeplessness. 

About The Dharma Room

The Dharma room is Ajeet Khalsa's home studio, offering a variety of restorative and gentle yoga classes for adults as well as monthly Children's Yoga Training for parents and teachers. Classes are offered during the day and evening. This sweet and cozy at-home studio grew out of Ajeet's desire to continue offering easy to do yoga classes for every type of body and to make yoga accessible, even if you had never practiced yoga at home!  When Lotus Light Contemplative Center where she taught, closed, the Dharma Room was born!

Beautiful, light and filled with essence of peace of love, Ajeet offers personalized yoga classes, private sessions and group healing on a weekly basis to anyone who desires to bring balance into their heart and mind. She also works with teens suffering from depression or other mental health disorders as well as offering a more holistic yoga approach to counseling with an easy practice called Acceptance and Integration.

Ajeet's classes are held on two ZOOM Platforms


Lotus Light Contemplative Center:


Bliss Yoga Fest Online:

Meeting ID: 873 0610 5032

Password: BLISS

SCHEDULE OF Online CLASSES: Make sure to check the zoom links as some classes are on different links

All classes are by donation and/or sliding scale as well as the private counseling services.

Testmimonials for Ajeet Khalsa

Being in on the Dancing Spider teacher training , has got me in touch with my inner child. Ajeet not just teaches a manual, she shares her personal experience of how she applied it, on all the years she has teach. Also I experience the classes itself,as she went thoroughly to the manual, which contains rhymes, games.... What I got from the training is: the content of the manual has everything I need to guide me in my classes ; make it my own, add my own flare to it, and even if I make a mistake (I'm always afraid of messing up), it's Okay. The idea is to give the kids and parents a relaxing , playful, fun time.


Dancing Spider TT weekend was an amazing experience. It opened my eyes to the purity and beauty of children, no matter what state they are in. To me teaching children is a lot about patience. Ajeet teaches patience not from a place of effort, but from understanding. Her techniques of bringing the teacher into a place of wellness, empowers them to create an experience of joy and healing for the whole family.

Jill Frere


(865) 282-6515

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