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Knoxville, Tennessee 37918 | Tel: 865-548-8208

Ajeet Khalsa

Svaroopa © Yoga Teacher
Acceptance and Integration Process Counselor 
Children's Yoga Teacher Trainer
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OPTION I: Therapeutic Svaroopa yoga session

A deep guided awareness, pranayama and therapeutic floor poses with hands on adjustments allow you to sink into your body with ease and bliss. In the body there is hidden pain and often times illness, private sessions give you a way to release it and begin to take responsibility for your daily habits, routines and ultimately your destiny.

Bliss is always there waiting to be awakened. Svaroopa yoga healing sessions are a perfect way to do this and at the same time relieve low back back pain, hip discomfort, chronic neck and shoulder tightness, fatigue and stress.


OPTION II: Polarity Process: Acceptance & Integration Healing Session (AAIT)

Acceptance Integration = Freedom. Each healing session is done in the comfort of your own home or with a practitioner, the distance does not matter. In these process events you go through feelings and issues and integrate the pain associated with them, giving you freedom from the mind's tension around them. Limiting beliefs and old wounds are dissipated. By the end of each session, you're ready to move toward your goals, be your true Self and no longer be bound by false conditions. This is NOT traditional therapy, but instead a thoughtful, guided exploration that takes you from polarity to oneness.


Ajeet’s holistic processes and therapeutic yoga helps kids -ages 12-17, with ADHD, get a handle on their problems with attention and focus through techniques of self-awareness and self-reflection. 

Kids hook up to their true feelings, giving them more control and connection to the part of themselves that wants to make right choices. This in turn aides self esteem. 

Each session consists of a healing practice known as Acceptance & Integration, where kids explore and find meaningful ways to discuss what they like and dislike about urgent problems they’re dealing with once the problem has integration, we do a gentle guided awareness yoga pose to embody and integrate their


Other Services:

  • Children's Teacher Trainings (check Facebook for dates)

  • Yoga Classes (see Lotus Light calendar for classes)

  • Clutter Clearing (call for consultation)

























About Ajeet Khalsa

Starting from the age of 17, I have been a professional modern dancer, musical theater artist (HAIR, European Tour), Oxford University student (Philosophy, Politics & Economics) and Children's Entertainer, mother and yogi. I played 2 of the most beloved and iconic figures in children's entertainment-Mickey Mouse and Kermit the Frog, respectively, leading the Boston Pops Orchestra on Disney's 50th anniversary, throwing the 1st pitch at a Yankees game (as Mickey Mouse) and leading the United Nations (as Kermit) in a Children's World Day for Peace.


I have been a Magnet School Dance Teacher at Beaumont, Vine and Austen East Magnet, a television Producer-Listen to Us, my poetry and dance special aired on Knoxville's local PBS station, several times. I taught middle school after-care at Natures Way Montessori, where I produced Knoxville's first ever, EARTH DAY CIRCUS, as well as starting my beloved Dancing Spider Children's Yoga Program. I danced with Circle Modern Dance for 10 years, won a Start Smart Award and many grants, including a Women's Recognition Award from Carpetbag Theatre for my One-Woman Show, Aprons, premiering at the Bijou Theatre twice.


I co-wrote with my former music partner and father to our child one of the most beloved arrangements of a Sikh Bhajan, Sunnia, recorded both by Snatam Kaur, Ajeet Kaur, Nirninjan Kaur and a host of other internationally known kirtan artists. I have a beautiful son, now 23, who I co-raised with Seva, of Soundcurrent Mastering, and ran a home ashram, yoga AirBnB and studio.  I taught yoga for 4 seasons as Sewall House, a boutique Kundalini Yoga and healing arts retreat home in northern Maine and have in the last few years begun a sacred sojourn of complete yoga immersion, selling my home, giving away a lot of my possessions and creating a sustainable life by living in community. 


Now my specialty is helping to bring people closer into to their divine nature, creative essence, grace and gifts. By embodying our natural spirit, de-cluttering our life, and aligning and decompressing our spine (of all things!) we remove any negativity from our being, by awakening our true creative potentiality, known as Kundalini. Having studied the fine art and science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and Svaroopa yoga, I have become masterful at helping others to make room both in your body and in your life, to live into the essence of who your truly are-a loving, living luminous being. Finally,  I support you to make the changes you need in your life easily, and with little effort, so you live into the best and happiest, most joyous being you are meant to be. 

Ajeet is a Certified, Registered Yoga Teacher and AAIT Practitioner ,working with adults and teens. She cherishes helping others to create a pillar of personal practice and ease.

Testmimonials for Ajeet Khalsa

Being in on the Dancing Spider teacher training , has got me in touch with my inner child. Ajeet not just teaches a manual, she shares her personal experience of how she applied it, on all the years she has teach. Also I experience the classes itself,as she went thoroughly to the manual, which contains rhymes, games.... What I got from the training is: the content of the manual has everything I need to guide me in my classes ; make it my own, add my own flare to it, and even if I make a mistake (I'm always afraid of messing up), it's Okay. The idea is to give the kids and parents a relaxing , playful, fun time.



Dancing Spider TT weekend was an amazing experience. It opened my eyes to the purity and beauty of children, no matter what state they are in. To me teaching children is a lot about patience. Ajeet teaches patience not from a place of effort, but from understanding. Her techniques of bringing the teacher into a place of wellness, empowers them to create an experience of joy and healing for the whole family.

Jill Frere


(865) 282-6515