Ajeet Khalsa, E-RYT
Svaroopa © Yoga Teacher
Acceptance and Integration Process Counselor 
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In yoga and holistic processing, she skillfully guides your being into a state of inner awareness and ease, helping you to heal.  All of her yoga classes begin with a guided awareness, followed by a yogic breathing technique, Ujayi, followed by therapeutic floor poses that anyone can do, allowing you to sink into your body with ease and bliss. 


In the healing process, she helps you to locate hidden pain or thought patterns within the body, certain areas where you hold tension that causes you discomfort or pain. Often times when you begin to practice Svaroopa yoga, either in private sessions or with others, a gentle and slow opening begins to happen. You may start to release tension right away, allowing you to work with your body in a more gentle way but one that still allows you increased mobility.  This more subtle, easy yogic and holistic processing approach works beyond even your mind's limitations and comprehension, allowing you to go right to what your body and mind needs for self-healing and integration. 


When you practice with Ajeet you can release your deepest tensions and begin to take responsibility for your daily habits, exercise routines and ultimately your destiny. Yoga with Ajeet also helps to relieve hum drum aches and pains too, like headaches, tenderness in the low back, inflammation or swelling, hip discomfort, chronic neck and shoulder tightness, fatigue, stress and sleeplessness. 


The Lotus Light zoom classroom is where Ajeet offers these therapeutic and gentle yoga classes. She also offers personalized Children's Yoga Training for parents and teachers who have children ages 4-10 or who are teachers in elementary education.  Her classes are offered virtually however she is available to sometimes offer in-person events if they are outdoors. Creating a sweet and cozy practice at home allows you to do more yoga classes even if you had never practiced yoga at home!  


Beautiful, light and filled with the essence of inner peace,  body acceptance and self-love, her Svaroopa Yoga and Acceptance and Integration sessions offers you a more personalized yoga experience.  Her private sessions offer you a way to reliably bring balance into your heart and mind for issues that you may struggle with or ongoing problems including family issues, issues with your children, career issues or spiritual development. Lately, she has expanded her services to offer private sessions to teens working through depression or gender identification issues, offering a more holistic yoga approach to counseling and mental health and wellness.

Enjoy one of Ajeet’s private sessions in person or online.


Ajeet's classes are held on the LOTUS LIGHT WEBSITE PAGE

through the Zoom platform 






Lotus Light Contemplative Center: www.lotuslightcenter.org

More about Ajeet

Ajeet is a creative yoga teacher in practice for over 20+ years. She is certified in both Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as well as Svaroopa yoga. She is also a certified AAIT practitioner.  For more than 4 decades, Ajeet has also performed and worked with children in schools and home settings. She is a caring, thoughtful, deep and wise elder. Ajeet experiences life through the access point of the body and through the natural world of healing and inner waiting, believing it is within listening to the body’s messages, we learn to heal and integrate our problems, pain and distractions from ultimate blissfulness and wholeness. We learn to love completely and live a fulfilled life. Choosing to live as a modern day yogini, a light of love, she has taught, worked and lived in conscious yoga communities, with her own family, and at yoga and meditation retreats since 1996.  She ran a Yoga Bnb in Knoxville, Tennessee for eight years and before that worked from home and as a counseling and training professional for Helen Ross McNabb, a mental health organization where she was a liaison counselor for HIV/AIDS and worked with women coming out of the penal system and returning to normal life. Her main love when she was a young mom was as working as a performer and dance education specialist in the schools.  


She holds a Masters in Performing Arts in Education with graduate studies from Oxford University in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Today is the time to lean into sustainable living and she believes the practice of yoga, meditation and natural living is the way to lead the world into greater peace and justice. This has led her to activist work today, especially with mothers, to help them release social-emotional trauma and find a daily patience and discipline to grow, train and raise conscious spirited children.   Her work today relies upon a decades long practice and study with traditional masters of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Svaroopa Yoga, Reiki, Feng Shui, Chakra Healing, Acceptance and Integration Counseling (AAIT), Authentic Communication, Deep Listening and Modern Dance. She considers herself a life long artist and is constantly yearning to live the good life, free from the fetters of materialism, capitalism, land monopolies and patriarchy. 


She has personally healed herself of degenerative joint disease, seven bone fractures, life long traumatic depression, and what she refers to as ‘the mommy demons’. Through her devoted and dedicated practice and personal therapeutic processing, she lovingly and with wisdom and patience, brought herself slowly out of the male-dominated system into the loving arms of the divine mother. It’s not that male energy is not good or not needed, it’s just that she had early trauma that needed healing. When she was able to bring her mind and her body into a reliable state of ease and balance, she found that the love felt for all human beings and all sentient beings was there all along, she just needed to feel and experience it on a daily basis. She has taken this learning and put it into her yoga. Healing and living practice, allowing her to ‘see through’ to the core of the being and gently help them knit together the grounding and unity that is desired as our shared human yearning. 

Testmimonials for Ajeet Khalsa

Ajeet is a magical Svaroopa teacher. I have observed the breakthroughs our guests have in her group sessions over the years at Sewall House Yoga Retreat but also watched the results of the very deep transformation her one on one sessions gives people.

Ajeet has found her element in these teachings, sharing what has healed her with the same passion to heal others through the technology of this yoga style and her love as a yoga mother.

Through the release of the spine, her soothing and yet commanding voice, Ajeet guides the practitioner safely through the subtle spinal release of this technique with great knowledge and understanding. Her ultimate goal- healing.

Donna Amrita Davidge owner www.sewallhouse.com and yoga teacher since 1985

Dancing Spider TT weekend was an amazing experience. It opened my eyes to the purity and beauty of children, no matter what state they are in. To me teaching children is a lot about patience. Ajeet teaches patience not from a place of effort, but from understanding. Her techniques of bringing the teacher into a place of wellness, empowers them to create an experience of joy and healing for the whole family.

Jill Frere

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