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Angie Goderich, Essential Oil Educator/Wellness Advocate

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About Angie Goderich

My essential oil journey began 5 years ago out of the need and desire to help my son. He

was having trouble focusing, could barely sit still, and was generally disruptive. My husband

and I chose not to pursue conventional treatment as we did not want to sacrifice the heart of

who our son truly is outside of these issues. The following year was one of the most difficult

as we researched natural options to help our son. A year into our search, a family member

introduced us to doTERRA Essential Oils and shared a blend of three oils that changed our

lives. It honestly felt like the biggest miracle ever! In the span of a couple of weeks we saw

very clear and welcomed changes in behavior. The best part was not only did we see the

changes, but so were other people who were around our son all the time who did not even

know we were using the oils. Friends and teachers started telling us how great he was doing

and we were thrilled! We knew without a shadow of a doubt that moving forward, a lifestyle

of natural health and wellness was the way we wanted to care for our family. 

This journey also began a journey for myself that I never expected would ever be a possibility.

For 15 years I had dealt with debilitating panic and anxiety attacks. I was using more

conventional measures for most of those years. I did not like being alone or driving by myself

and almost constantly lived in fear of something I could not explain. It stole years of my life

away that I will never get back. When essential oils came into our lives I began to hope for the

first time that there may be life outside of panic and anxiety. We have a doctor who is open to integrative health and wellness who guided me in weaning off of the medicine I was on. Meanwhile I had already started taking doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality supplements that are whole food based and highly bioavailable as well as using a few calming oils. It took me a bit of time to wean off the meds and for the first time in 15 years, I was completely med free as well as panic and anxiety free. I felt like I had my life back and it was truly amazing! That is the difference that doTERRA's essential oils have made in our lives and these are only a few of the many ways they have benefited our health and wellness.       

These are just a few of the many reasons that I am so very passionate about essential oils and natural health and wellness and why I am so committed to sharing the amazing and life-enhancing benefits of these therapeutic grade essential oils with the world.

About Angie's Bountiful Essentials

I teach people about natural health and wellness and how essential oils work in the body on a cellular level to support wellness in a natural way. I teach about where essential oils come from, for instance, when you peel an orange and your hands have that wonderful residual smell of the orange, that is the essential oil that comes from the rind of the fruit.  I teach about essential oil sourcing and why that matters when we are looking at quality. One of the big things I share about is essential oil testing and also independent third party lab verified testing for essential oils and why it is so important.

I love sharing about how the oils can help to support the systems and functions of our bodies, to help balance emotions, to incorporating non-toxic cleaning into our homes. 

I teach group, individual, and specialized topic classes. I would love to share with you about these amazing essential oils! Call today to schedule your class. 

Raves for Angie and DoTerra Essential Oils

I've been trying to balance my blood pressure naturally so I've been drinking lemon oil in my water, and [conventional measures] when I felt nervous about it. Had Dr appt yesterday and blood pressure is down, considerably!!! Dr said not to take meds any longer, check BP 2-3 times a day and keep drinking the oil in my water. Thank you Angie Goderich for sharing these wonderful oils with me.


Deanna C.


So excited for all these essential oils! Thanks to Angie Goderich for bringing them over to help me feel better! I can breath again!!


Meagan C.

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