Inner Journeys with Nicole

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Crystal Ally Readings

By entering into resonance with the energy of the planet, you can access and call upon the frequency of any stone on the planet...This energy is available to you at any moment, anywhere you may be, in unlimited amounts.
​~ Naisha Ahsian​

Choose from a variety of spreads to awaken the crystals to your personal energy field. In this way, you have access to the myriad gifts that crystals hold for humanity. Crystal card readings with Nicole take you on an inner journey to connect with your true self to gain insights, clarity, encouragement and support on your divine path.

Choose your divination layout with Nicole:
Heaven & Earth
The Pyramid
The Chakra Spread
​Elemental Allies


​Contact Nicole to make an appointment for your card reading. $50 or 865-548-8208

Nicole Fey is a skilled and empathetic crystal card reader. Her reading helped me come to a decision about an issue I had been struggling with and, most incredibly, actually answered the question I hadn't even thought to ask. Even months later, I find myself returning to my notes from our session and gaining new insights. She is a kind and gentle soul who knows when to listen as well as when to direct the reading.
Vivianne R., University Professor


Inner Journey with Crystals & Reiki

Reiki Energy heals with the  universal life force. This is the energy that connects us all to each other and all of us to the divine. This is the same energy that comes through the crystals, a gift from the mineral kingdom. Combining these two powerful healing modalities taps into our innate and sometimes dormant talents and wisdom. Hidden in our DNA, are parts of ourselves we have yet to discover, and in some cases have not been privy to. Embarking on your inner Journey, signals to your higher self that you are now ready. Ready for spiritual growth and cleansing on a deep level. Ready to know more about who you are and why you are here.

This session is a catalyst for your sacred journey into self. Gain insights, clarity, encouragement, support and deep cellular healing.

​Contact Nicole to make an appointment for your card reading. $115 or 865-548-8208