Cyndi Garrigan, Doula

Cyndi Garrigan

Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator

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About The Guided Heart Doula

Integrating evidence-based birth support with traditional postpartum healing in an approach that is designed to give you your power back!


Services Offered Include:

  • Birth Doula Services

  • Postpartum Doula Care

  • Childbirth Classes

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Belly Binding

Birth Doula Services

I act as an experienced guide supporting you and your partner in having an empowering and positive birth experience, as you define it. I help orchestrate a peaceful space for the birth of your new baby by ensuring you feel safe, listened to, and respected all while providing information and non-medical pain management techniques. Postpartum Doula Care Birth is sincerely one of the most profound physical & emotional experiences a human body can experience! We should be careful to understand it and give it time to recede naturally and healthily.


I offer a variety of postpartum services that enhance and add to the natural healing of your postpartum journey. Including newborn care, professional & knowledgeable wisdom, light housekeeping & meal prep, sibling care, & breastfeeding assistance.


Childbirth Classes

Classes are held monthly in my office located in Oak Ridge. Working to not only bring evidence-based, up-to-date information in an empowering way but to also help prepare the mind, body and spirit for the journey of childbirth.


Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is considered a sacred and powerful medicine that is “full of life force” and it can be consumed to support healing during a mother’s postpartum time. Encapsulation services include 6-weeks of capsules, placenta prints, healing balms, and a cord keepsake. Tinctures and smoothies are available upon request.


Belly Binding

This is a traditional wrap technique that aids the natural healing process of your postpartum body’s journey back to normal. While strengthening and supporting abdominal muscles efficiently, this soft and breathable wrap can be worn under or over clothing beginning as early as 5 days postpartum.

About Cyndi Garrigan

I began my journey of caring for families during their transition into parenthood after spending more than a decade studying childbirth, caring for friends and family, and having my own four children. I truly respect and honor the natural process of childbirth, and I'm passionate about helping families blossom and grow as they set sail on their own personal journey of transformation. As a birth doula, I am committed to providing individual support in a non-judgmental and unconditional way for each family I serve.


I live in Clinton, TN with my husband and our four children. I quickly discovered that raising a holistic based family in a more rural area came with some challenges. During my pregnancies, I always had to travel into Knoxville to get the education, resources and support I needed. I knew then that once I became a certified doula, I would make it my mission to bring the much-needed support to the outlying and rural communities, and that's just what I'm now doing! By traveling outside the normal range travel for doula support for no extra charge, offering holistic childbirth classes in Oak Ridge as well as in-home, providing free class and support groups for teen parents, and ensuring I provide accurate information that is based on truth and love for a mind, body, and spirit experience.

Cyndi Garrigan birthing
Cyndi Garrigan, CD (BAI)

(865) 203-7705

Service Areas

Knox, Blount, Loudon, Roane, Anderson, Sevier & Campbell Counties

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