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About Debbie Parsons

Relaxation University was built out of a need that founder Debbie Parsons discovered through her years of teaching yoga.

During the twelve years Debbie served as a yoga instructor in FL, CO and now TN she felt limited in her ability to serve her community helping them with what most of them truly relieve themselves of stress and tension.

In her goal of wanting to be more effective in serving her students, she started researching and practicing other modalities, both within and outside of yoga. She studied medical research on stress relief as well as a huge variety of other techniques and practices promising relief from tension and all the other symptoms and illnesses that spawn from a stressful lifestyle.

Not only did she study these techniques, she had the opportunity to put them into play in her own life.

As a young adult, before her career as a yoga instructor, Debbie worked over a decade within an office setting. When she made the move to TN back in 2016, she found herself stepping away from holistic care and back in an office environment. For the next few years she worked a daily 8-5 job processing payroll that was a high volume, 1200 employee, and strict deadline oriented job. In this fast paced and heavily stressful job, she dropped into a habit and lifestyle of probably most office workers in the Western World; poor eating habits, weight gain, digestive issues, severe low back pain and neck tension, lethargy, lack of inspiration, and borderline depression.....

......and SHE KNEW BETTER!

She couldn't believe that she let herself get so far away from her practices and was in this state of pain and unhappiness!

Thankfully she made the choice to put her health and wellness first and started returning to the practices, techniques and knowledge she had around healing the body and mind from severe tension, overwhelm and stress.

Within a few short months she had resolved EVERY problem and pain in her life and was on the track to living a much more vibrant life than she was previously on track to experience.

Debbie started teaching yoga again and with this new found empathy for those working in a fast paced corporate environment, soon found herself helping others resolve themselves of tension from their own life, beyond what she was able to teach in her yoga classes.

After her own self-healing, it was only a few months later that Debbie quit the office job and is now dedicated to coaching others heal themselves from the debilitating effects that tension and stress can create in the body, mind and our emotional state.

She is on a mission now to show the overwhelmed, stressed out, pain riddled, anxious minded, and hopeless feeling individuals out there that there is a way out of this doom and gloom. They too can live a life that is fun, vibrant and full of joy once again!

What's great is that it all starts with single click........she would love to talk with you! 

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About Relaxation University

We've heard your woes...

If I focused more attention on me then I wouldn't have time to take care of my family/have a social life.

I'm chasing the clock as it is, I don't want to add anything new to my schedule.

I'm so tired all of the time, I don't feel like doing anything else once I get home from work.

I've tried meditation and it's just too hard. I don't think it's for me.

Relaxing?! I have way more productive things to do with my time.

I already know how to relax. Just watch tv and have a cocktail or two, right?

I've had back and neck pain for years but it has nothing to do with stress.

If I could just get a solid night sleep then I would be able to relax.

**RelaxU is where you learn the skills of rest and relaxation.  Yes, you read that right. Relaxation is a SKILL!  Just like any other skill it takes knowing the right techniques and PRACTICE!

**RelaxU offers services for personal relaxation coaching, meditation or yoga practices as well as corporate relaxation classes.  

**We all feel stress differently and we all have different triggers as to what may cause us to feel stress and anxiety.  Therefore, it's hard to do a one size fits all technique to rid ourselves from the effects of chronic tension.  

**We specialize at getting to the root of what is causing the stress and tension and customize a program and practices that will suit the individual in need.

**We also offer classes in yoga, meditation as well as corporate training on relaxation techniques, 



Debbie is a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor since 2007.  She is trained in EFT (Tapping), Yoga Nidra, energy healing and Reiki.  She has produced two recorded guided meditations available on iTunes.  Most importantly, Debbie has over 13 years experience helping people learn techniques that release tension and stress from their bodies and minds.

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