Dr. Brooke Hamby

Life Coach at Being Teacher

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About Being Teacher Life Coaching

Being Teacher is a private spiritual life coaching practiced designed to teach beings how to create a lives they'll love.


Dr. Brooke H.-a licensed life coach--guides you through transforming your life into a masterpiece once week---one practice at a time.


See what other clients have to say about her workshops…

“I’ve never taken a class or course that was so practical. Everything was so easy to implement and easy to start trying.” ~Amy


“All the little things together made such a big difference. “ ~Rachel


“Golden nugget after golden nugget of highly actionable tools and a breath of fresh air for all overworked women.” ~Laura

About Dr. Brooke H.

Life is what we make it–a piece of art of our own creation. Sometimes life happens to us and we’re tossed around in the tumult experiencing doubt, confusion, overwhelm, and worry.


But…. Within each of us the opportunity to discover the joy in the living—find our path–even if we have to blaze that the way for ourselves–then it becomes our very own MASTERPIECE.


I’m a certified cognitive coach with the Coach Mindset–using the scientific method for discovery, Cognitive Coaching International and a Therapeutic Art Coach–healing and discovering the path through art.


I’m what’s called a Way Finder–I help others find their own way in life combing art and science I’m a teacher too and I’ve discovered that I’m able to guide my clients and my students to find their own way using their strengths. It’s just what comes naturally and intuitively to me. Since I was a child I loved both art and science. Through trial and error, lots of mistakes, and learning, I discovered I could combine both through life coaching and teaching. I'll guide you using research based and time tested methods to create a life you'll love!!

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