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We utilize a system of zone healing that includes 6 different zones of the nervous system that command body function. 1) glandular system(hormones), 2) elimination system, 3) nervous system, 4) digestion system, 5) musculoskeletal system and 6) circulation.


As we enhance the body’s energy to these zones with adjustments to your spine, you improve your bodies function to these vital organ systems. In addition, based on the zones of your body that require adjustments, clinical information and biofeedback we can recommend best nutrition and supplements based on the effected Zone areas of your body.


So, if you have any health challenges in any of the 6 zones in your body, come in for a consult and experience firsthand the ability of your body to heal itself when your nervous system is balanced and communicating more efficiently.


Clients regularly experience not just symptom relief but true healing from the inside out regardless of the condition. For Nutritional Counseling At LifeLight we utilize a combination of information gathered from the six zones of the body. We offer diet and lifestyle coaching from intermittent fasting and Ketogenic diets to nutritionally based supplementing and detox. We can also utilize inflammation testing and Galvanic skin response/biofeedback testing with ASYRA. to find your specific areas of imbalance for better results.




About Breath Yoga Center


Yoga and meditation have been a cornerstone of LifeLight Chiropractic Center's healing

experience. Breathe Yoga Center offers daily classes of varying skill levels and styles enhancing

the connection of the body, mind and spirit.

See our web page at for class schedule and events.

About Dr. Scott Vautrin

Dr. Scott Vautrin has been a Chiropractor for over fifteen years and helped thousands of people heal from not only musculoskeletal aches and pains but all kinds of health conditions. An expert with his hands he has studied many techniques from light gentle touches stimulating a meningeal release to the spinal cord to traditional Chiropractic bone moving like Gonstead and Diversified.


He is certified in Zone Chiropractic Healing Technique that addresses the 6 body systems function. He is truly a master of his craft and experienced with everyone from high performance athletes to children and the elderly.


“I feel blessed beyond measure that I get to serve as a Chiropractor and restore faith in our natural ability to heal not just our bodies, but our hearts, minds, and lives.”

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