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Holistic Wellbeing with Kandi
Reiki Master, Card Reader 
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About Holistic Wellbeing with Kandi

Holistic Wellbeing with Kandi Healing offers healing and balancing for the body, mind and spirit. Through reiki, tarot and oracle card readings, and coaching, Kandi can help you transform your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, your home, and your work.


Why Reiki? (pronounced ray-kee).

It provides a variety of benefits:

  • Feel more balanced

  • Reduce stress

  • Reduce depression and anxiety

  • Release emotional pain

  • Release physical pain

  • Feel more like yourself


Reiki is a spiritual, alternative and holistic energy healing tool based on the principles of energy. The practitioner acts as a channel to send universal healing energies into the client that can activate the body’s own healing mechanisms. During reiki, practitioners work within the chakras to balance energy and release energetic blocks that may be manifesting as physical pain or emotional pain and/or disease.


Reiki can be given in person or sent from a distance. In person, hands may hover over or be directly placed on the client. Distance reiki works by channeling energy to the client across space and time. Both types of reiki invoke prayer to God to serve your highest good.

About Kandi Hodges

Kandi Hodges is a certified Reiki Master. She offers holistic healing practices, primarily through in-person and distance reiki.


Kandi is also an intuitive card reader using tarot and oracle cards. Kandi is certified in the Art of Intuitive Tarot and can offer insight and guidance through a combination of tarot, oracle and channeled messages.


Kandi also offers wellbeing coaching with these services to help people find peace, joy and balance within themselves, their lives and their relationships. One of her strengths is explaining things to people in a way that makes sense to them, a translator of sorts, as well as helping people discover tools to help them lead more balanced, healthier lives.


Kandi grew up in Oak Ridge, TN. Her professional background is in public relations and marketing. She has been a public relations specialist for medical education for 13 years. She has also co-owned and operated an award-winning wedding photography business.


Kandi was first exposed to reiki as a teenager. Then, in 2015, her brother passed away from pancreatic cancer, and her grief recovery led to her learning about holistic healing arts and discovering who she truly is, what her soul purpose is, and how to live it.


In 2018, she earned her reiki I and II certifications and became a reiki master in September 2019. She launched Holistic Wellbeing with Kandi to focus on reiki healing and a variety of holistic tools to help others reach a state of wellbeing.

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