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About Katherine Yates, Feng Shui Practitioner 

Harmony at Home and Work to Support Your Life


I have always loved helping others create a beautiful environment to live their best life at home

or in their business. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from The University of

Tennessee, Knoxville, I practiced traditional interior design for many years. I always felt like

something was missing. Show me the why behind the color choice or why the sofa or desk

needed to be placed in that position. 12 years ago, I began my Feng Shui study journey studying

Western BTB Feng Shui. It gave me purpose and meaning to the choices I was making with my

clients. I am grateful to have begun a journey with one of the top Feng Shui schools, The

International Feng Shui School and Amanda Collins. I really resonate with using the compass

directions to guide my Feng Shui business. It has brought a whole new perspective to designing.

Creating balance and harmony in your environment and shifting the energy when needed can

enhance your life and help support you to attain your goals and intentions.

About Katherine Yates Feng Shui Design
  • Classical Feng Shui Flying Stars

  • Trigrams

  • 5 Element Energy

  • Intentional Feng Shui

  • Form Feng Shui

  • Space Clearing and Home Blessing Rituals

  • Interior Restyling

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