Mary Beth Robinson

Plant Spirit Medicine Healer
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About Mary Beth Robinson

Mary Beth is a Plant Spirit Medicine Lay Spiritual Healer recognized by the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing. She is a member of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association and has offered Plant Spirit Medicine healing since 2007. She began receiving plant spirit medicine treatments in 2003. She began her studies with Eliot Cowan in 2005.


Mary Beth is originally from East Tennessee, has worked in Atlanta, New York, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Knoxville. She currently resides with her husband in Oak Ridge. In addition to offering the medicine of plant spirits to humans, she has been building community as a Firekeeper with Sacred Fire since 2012. She has over 30 years of experience as a professional interior designer and educator, and is owner of Place Synergy LLC, an interior design studio serving small business and residential clients. Mary Beth considers her deep relationship with the plants a natural segue between healing environments and people.

About Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant spirit medicine is healing with nature and an ancient form of spiritual healing synthesizing the Chinese Five Element perspective and household shamanism, working with plants energetically. Plant spirit medicine is medicine for one’s spirit, going to the source of imbalance treating body, mind, spirit. In a healing session, the spirit of a plant selected specifically for the person’s benefit, is transmitted energetically directly to the client.


Plant Spirit Medicine is right for you if…

• Experiencing joy in daily life is diminished or lacking.

• Living in a balanced way is illusive or seems impossible to achieve.

• Growing thoughts that something is missing in your life.

• Recovering from an illness or trauma has created emotional overwhelm or disconnection.

• Stepping into your full potential is critical to a current life transition.

• Connecting directly to nature as a healing source is desired.


Before treatments begin, an initial intake (2-3 hours) is completed. Mary Beth listens to your current concerns, health history, and ends with a brief physical exam based in the Chinese Five Element perspective. Treatments begin once a treatment plan is determined. Plant spirit medicine is a form of spiritual healing in which no substances are prescribed or administered. Treatments consist of time given sitting and listening to your concerns, and time lying down or sitting up receiving the plant spirits. During a treatment, Mary Beth may lightly touch your head, feet, hands, or torso. She will advise you of the frequency and timing of your treatments.


Getting started with plant spirit medicine begins with

  • scheduling an initial intake session (1.5 - 3 hrs duration) prior to first treatment.

  • After initial intake, the first treatment is scheduled, typically, within a week and can take up to 2 hours.

  • Continuing treatments, a minimum of 8 is recommended, is scheduled for 90 minutes either weekly or every other week.


A 30-minute free consultation is recommended and can take place in person or by phone. 


Contact Mary Beth at (865) 387-0977, or to ask questions or schedule a consultation.

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