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Maryville Acupuncture
Maryville Acupuncture clinic
Kate Sisson
Maryville Acupuncture Clinic
Maryville Acupuncture Clinic
Maryville Acupuncture Clinic
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About Maryville Acupuncture

Founded in 2019 by long time area acupuncturist Sarah Prater, Maryville Acupuncture was created to give more East Tennesseans holistic, integrated medicine options. Maryville Acupuncture is a holistic wellness clinic specializing in the ancient arts of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. These centuries old practices can relive the pain, stress, and ailments that keep you from living your best life. Don’t let chronic health issues stand in your way.


At Maryville Acupuncture, Prater and her staff will strive to work integratively to support the achievement of your health goals, and ensure you have access to the best possible care while we work closely with your team of doctors. We’re honored to bring acupuncture to our neighbors here in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, and look forward to being a part of your health care team!

About Kate Sisson

Kate Sisson, L.Ac., RN, Acupuncturist Kate is an acupuncturist and registered nurse in the state of Tennessee. Since beginning practice in 2014, Kate uses her both her education and life experience - as a personal trainer, bellydancer, aerialist - to support her patients. She specializes in pain management, injury/surgery rehab, anxiety and depression, women’s health and cosmetic enhancement. She lives in Maryville with her daughter, hikes often, creates Spotify playlists, brews chai, and tries to squeeze in some yoga every day.


B.S., Science Technology and Culture, Ga Tech, 2004 

M.Ac.OM, Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

2014 Detox Specialist, NADA

2014 Fellowship, Pain Management and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Seattle Acupuncture Associates 

2015 Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture training, Hampton’s Acupuncture

2017 RN/ADN, Chattanooga State Community College, 2019