Health Coach, Nutrition Counselor,
& Healthy Eating Specialist
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Here's how it works:

Together, we will delve into the challenges and barriers that you've faced that hold you back from reaching your health goals. We will create new pathways, routines and habits for you that will allow you to integrate and transition to a healthier way of eating.  Working with a Health Coach is a way to empower yourself to make your health a priority and to take the necessary action steps to lose weight, improve energy and upgrade your nutrition for life.


I'm inviting you for a free 15 minute consultation to get you laser-focused on what you need to do to reach your health goals. 

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From: Nicole Fey

Believe me, I know what its like to be trapped in an unhealthy eating pattern....

I've been there and it isn't fun! If you've found that changing your eating habits is difficult or unsustainable, you are not alone.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel confused and frustrated about what to eat…


  • You are stuck in a pattern of bloating, digestive discomfort, weight gain and fatigue which feels hopeless…


  • You've tried diets or weight loss programs, but could not sustain the results...


  • You are so tired of feeling tired, un-well and stressed out...​


  • You are finally feeling motivated to do something about it…

If you’re ready for this time of your life to be different, I can help.

See what satisfied clients have said…

As a health coach, Nicole's in-depth, no-nonsense holistic approach with food resonates deeply with me.  Nicole's one-on-one sessions allow for in-depth self-discovery, education and elevating your food program for your optimal performance. 
​She was the 4th nutrition educator I interviewed.  I am grateful everyday.

Carla P., 55, Asheville, NC

When I met Nicole 3 months ago, I felt tired, overweight, and unmotivated but ready to do something about it. Through these counseling sessions with Nicole, I have gained the tools and support that I needed to make healthy lifestyle changes. I have lost 25 pounds and I no longer crave “junk food”. Now I crave healthy foods and I understand what my body needs and wants to feel good!

Greg Smith, 45, Knoxville, TN

Click here for more raves about working with Nicole.

About Nicole Fey

Nicole Fey is an authority on creating new ways of nourishing and caring for yourself on

all levels. She meets you at that crucial crossroad in your life when you realize that the

lifestyle and eating habits that supported you earlier in life, are no longer sustaining the

health you desire.

Nicole simplifies and demystifies how to embrace radical self-care and overthrow the

self-sabatour. Among her tools in her tool kit, are manageable food upgrades, effective

yoga quickies and re-patterning of old self-destructive habits to seriously reduce stress

and realign you with a proven no-deprivation, whole foods way of eating.

She is author of The Ultimate Juicing & Holistic Health Program and founder of the 

True Nourishment Programs Master Your Midlife Programs and has been working with

clients since 1999 that are ready to embrace a new way of eating and are truly ready to

take control of their health. Click here for more on my journey back to health.


Book your FREE 15 minute consultation to explore whether Health Coaching is right for you.

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