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Reiki Session

During a Reiki session, the practitioner acts as a channel for Reiki energy (universal life force) to come through their hands. Then by laying on of hands, the energy combines with your own natural energetic field, to bring about a sense of calm and balance.  Reiki healing actually works on a very subtle level, removing blockages in your subtle body.  Recipients of Reiki healing sessions report an increase in their own natural healing abilities, a release of old fears and habits, and the ability to move past traumas and negative experiences.

Developmentally, we are an accumulation of the events that have occurred in our lives. When we are able to relax and quiet the mind, we understand ourselves and our lives better and therefore move forward in our spiritual growth. With growth comes wisdom, maturity, compassion and an open heart. Through Reiki, a sense of deep relaxation and serenity are attained.

Other reported affects of Reiki are: Greatly reduced stress, anxiety, and anger Pain relief Healing of physical injuries Improved energy level Increased intuitive capabilities A heightened awareness of who we are and why we are here Relief from depression Spiritual growth and a deeper appreciation of life Reiki Session

A Reiki Session lasts about one hour. The client lies on a table, fully clothed and the Reiki energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client.


Reiki Attunement & Certification Program
After several Reiki sessions, a person may feel called upon to become a Reiki practitioner themselves. This way they can do Reiki on themselves everyday and for friends, family and their own clients. Passing the Reiki energy to another is called an attunement and there are three levels of attunements. They are usually given about 9 months apart, but in special situations, you may receive them in quicker succession.

Level I
This level attunement will familiarize you with the origins and concepts of Reiki energy, healing work, and the chakra system. You will become a Reiki practitioner with the ability to do direct hands-on energy work on yourself and others.

Level II
This class enhances your healing ability by increasing your capacity to channel energy. Your own spiritual journey deepens, and as you clear mental and emotional blockages your ability to channel the Reiki energy increases as well. With the level II attunement, the Reiki energy intensifies and you will learn long-distance Reiki methods.

Level III
This is the Master/Teacher level. Your own self-exploration deepens, your ability to channel energy increases, and you will learn how to pass attunements to others. You will learn the principles of teaching Reiki and prepare to become a Reiki Master.
Receiving Reiki attunements are a profound and life-changing experience that brings you further along your spiritual path. Reiki is a remarkable tool that can enhance your life.


After my Reiki Training, Level I, with Nicole, life has begun to change in subtle ways that I did not expect.  First, I completely lost my desire for my diet sodas.  Second, I lost my appetite for sugary foods!  My Reiki self-care practice has brought an awareness to where my life is out of balance and has helped me feel happier and more energetic.  I am very grateful!
-Barb Phillips, 51, yoga instructor, Knoxville, TN

Since my Reiki attunement with Nicole, I have had some interesting developments.  When I do Reiki on myself I get tingles through my system and I feel immediately calm and relaxed.  Shortly after my attunement, I went hiking with my husband, and he twisted his ankle badly enough that he had trouble walking.  I did Reiki on him, and after five minutes he said he felt better and by the end of the hike, he was jumping off rocks.
Brandy Cravens-Zender, Reiki I Certified Practitioner and Massage Therapist, Santa Barbara, CA

My Reiki is much intensified, not only on others but on myself as well. The emotional clearing has been very powerful and amazing insights, etc. continue to come. Reiki truly is amazing! Thanks for passing it on! 
- Jeannie Lea, Oregon

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About Nicole Fey
​Nicole Fey is a Certified Reiki Master. She was trained and certified in the Unlimited Reiki System​ in New York City by Dr. Mickaelle Menos. She has taught Reiki throughout the United States and has been a practitioner since 1997.  

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