Online Health & Wellness

Many of our practitioners in the directory will work with you online. Just contact them and ask!
Debbie Parsons Relaxation Coach
Online Yoga Classes
Relaxation Coach
Online Meditation Classes
Acupuncture & Awareness Center
of Knoxville
Yoga, Barre, meditation, Pilates, belly dancing, and HIIT classes
Kinetics Wellness Virtual Studio
Prakrti Virtual Wellness Studio
Yoga classes & Ayurveda sessions
Sustainable Future Center
Online gardening & permaculture events
Creating Mindfulness
Online Kundalini Yoga Classes
Nicole Fey, certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Virtual Yoga Classes
Caroline Iantosca
Smoky Mountain Yoga
Virtual Reiki Healing & Card Readings
Kandi Hodges, Wellbeing Coach
Virtual Doula Services
Madison Caylor
Lady's Mantle Herb & Birth
Virtual Chiropractic Neurology Consultations
Dr. Zach Walker
Online Health & Nutrition Counseling
Nicole Fey, certified Health Coach
Virtual Tarot Card Readings
Tim Woody, Tarot Card Reader
Virtual Health & Wellness Coaching
Tasheema Fair, OB/GYN, Health and Wellness Coach
Fitness Challenge
Kelly Williams, Holistic Wellness Coach
Ajeet Khalsa Counseling & Guided Meditation
Ajeet helps her clients find true inner peace during challenging times. Her Acceptance and Integration counseling sessions can be done remotely and assist in releasing repressed emotion so you can find that place of stillness within.
Mountain Zen Online Yoga Classes
Yoga classes
Bliss Fest Yoga Classes
Join Ajeet and Nicole for an online healing, invigorating yoga set, relaxation and meditation. We have held monthly Bliss Fest Socials leading up to Bliss Fest in May and we want to continue having them despite the challenge of being socially distant.

30 minute yoga set, followed by deep relaxation, then meditation for peace, leaving time at the end to connect with each other.
Lotus Light Contemplative Community Center
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