And one day she discovered that she was fierce...

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

By Keri Hart

... and strong, and full of fire. And that not even she could hold herself back, because her passion burned brighter than her fears. She remembered who she was and the game changed!

I’ve not always been strong and confident. Don’t get me wrong, there was always a wildfire burning inside me, but I was too concerned with what other’s thought to fan the flames...I was the redneck cheerleader, that was also really smart. That might be common today, but when I was growing up, we had “cliques” and you were either one or the other, not all three! I had friends from every social circle, but I didn’t really know where I belonged. It was important to me that everyone liked me; it was important to me that everyone thought I was nice. This carried over into adulthood, not really knowing where my place in the world was. As I went out and met different people it would depend on the circumstances and situations that we met in, which side of me you got to know. Very few people got to see all of me, because very few accepted me when I showed more than one aspect of my personality.

Then I learned how to love myself for all that I truly am. I learned how to put myself - my interests, my dreams, my goals, the desires for my life - first, and the whole Universe began shifting in my favor. To love yourself first is not conceited or narcissistic. It is not a sin as some might have you believe; it is essential! Learning to love and accept all those parts of us that make us whole, embracing all of who we are, is where our true power lies. You are allowed to be smart and funny, strong and emotional, sexual and spiritual! Embrace the masculine and the feminine; the light and the dark. Do not deny any aspects of who you are. A whole soul is a healthy soul!

Are there parts of you that you hold back? Or worse, have you eliminated something from your life that you enjoyed because someone you love or look up to laughed or said it was stupid! Things that you have buried so deep inside, you barely remember that they actually were once a part of you… It’s one thing to mature, to grow and evolve, but who says that we have to extinguish parts of us that someone else or society deems “inappropriate” because it isn’t in accordance with the status that we’ve been labeled with, due to our age, our gender, our social, religious, or political standing.

Every time you say “yes” when you want to say “no”, every time you silence yourself and suffocate your inner voice, it’s like you are cutting off a part of yourself. Call back those lost pieces of your soul; stand tall and confident in your truth. When you live in harmony with your true self, your life will begin to align. Things may seem like they are falling apart at first – friendships may fade, relationships may suffer – but when you have the courage to be honest and authentic, the Universe will begin to deliver all the things that were meant to be yours. When you are being true to your uniquely beautiful multifaceted self your light shines the brightest. God put that spark in you with the first beat of your heart and lit the fire with your first breath. It is your duty to nurture that fire, fan those flames and become “unapologetically” all that you were born to be.

Are you ready to reclaim those parts of yourself that you've suppressed, lost, denied...? Are you ready to claim your right to happiness? Give me a call, Keri Hart ~ Certified Life Coach, to help guide you on your path to empowerment., (423) 307-2865

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Keri Hart
Keri Hart, The Happiness Coach

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