Feng Shui in the time of Corona

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

By Nicole Fey, CPIA

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement. It is an art that has been around for thousands of years and is utilized today by many ancient, eastern and indigeneous cultures. Those who use Feng Shui, understand that the energy in our homes has a great effect on our well-being and quality of life. First and foremost Feng Shui has to do with how energy in our environment affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

During these times of quarantine, social-distancing and sheltering-at-home, what could be more important than how you feel inside your home? Feng Shui can help create an atmosphere that feels nurturing and supportive, like a good friend. Just another part of your support team. And like a good friend, the energy in your home can help calm your fears, and illicit feelings of peace and harmony, even while chaos is right outside your door.

Here’s my top Feng Shui 4 tips for sheltering in place:

1. Stability is paramount right now because everything is so uncertain and unknown. One area to work on in your home, is your Relationship Areas (or gua). This gua is ruled by the element of earth. If you divided the floor plan of your home into a grid with 9 equal parts (called a Bagua,) the Relationship Area is the far-right corner of the house if you are standing at your front door. Add some earth element feature here to stabilize your energy such as a large rock, a terra cotta planter (with a plant), a large quartz crystal for clarity. Pillows, bedding, furniture, pictures with earthy colors like brown, rust, yellow and green. This will support your relationship with yourself at this time (who you are really getting to know by now!).

2. Supporting your health is also important so you have a strong immune system. The health area is the center of your house. Also activated by the earth element, try some of the above suggestions (obviously not placing an object on the floor that you could trip on) but work with rugs, pictures or wall hangings and such. Very healthy plants work well here to signify vitality and strength. Your essential oil diffuser would be good here too. If your energy feels scattered, placing a lingam or talisman in the center of the house will ground the energy and bring in balance, wisdom and intuition.

3. It’s times like this that we realize how much we really need and depend on each other. Just hearing a friend or relative on the other end of the phone can feel like a lifeline on some days. Whether your biggest challenges are financial, emotional or physical, having a helpful hand during these times is so important, and enhancing your Helpful People gua would be a good idea. Helpful people can be the person delivering your groceries, your family, friends, teachers, neighbors as well as your spiritual helpers. This gua is the front right corner on your Bagua grid. This area is strengthened by the element of metal, colors white, silver and black, and circular and oval shapes. See if you can augment this area with features that combine some of these characteristics. Pictures, statues or representations of spiritual beings and ancestors that inspire and guide you, work well here.

4. If you are spending more time alone than you are used to, chances are there is a lot of self-reflection going on. Or facing fears and boredom head on, may be coming up. For those of us, spending more family time than we are used to, tensions can run high, arguments may erupt just due to the close space and not enough alone time. Boosting your Self-Knowledge area can help you to tap into inner resources of creativity, patience, compassion or whatever else you are needing from yourself right now. This area is in the front, far-left corner of your Bagua. Strengthened by items that stimulate your inner world such as books (self-help, self-growth, travel, and subjects you find interesting). This is a great area to do yoga, meditation or build an alter for daily reflection. The element for this area is water and water features, pictures of bodies of water, mirrors and crystal all work well here.

Working on the Feng Shui in the above areas of your home will help greatly. I just about guarantee it. This is also a great time to clear your clutter to help keep a clear head. You can’t say you don’t have the time!

For a Feng Shui consultation with Nicole Fey (when our sheltering in place time is over) contact me at nicole@nicolefeywellness.com or 865-548-8208.

Nicole Fey is a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Practitioner of Interior Alignment. She was certified by Feng Shui Master, Denise Linn in 1999.

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