Feng Shui: Tips for The Front Door

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

By Katherine Yates

Every building has its own unique energy. Feng Shui Practitioners use a compass and a map called the Bagua to interpret the energies of each area in a home or office. Have you ever walked up to a building and felt uneasy? On the other hand, have you felt good approaching others? The front door is one of the most important areas in Feng Shui. This is the place where energy enters your home or office building and is considered the “mouth of Chi”. The front door creates the first impression and it is most important that it is in good condition and greets your guests with a welcoming vibe. It should feel secure and help the owners to feel safe.

In our busy day to day living, sometimes we no longer see what others may. You can take a picture of the front of the house and it may reveal some things to you that you no longer notice. Fresh eyes may help you to create a plan for reenergizing the front door area. The front door is a great place to begin your Feng Shui journey.

Here are some easy tips you can use to freshen up your front door and shift some energy in a positive way! Sometimes just one simple change can cause a shift you can feel right away.

Keep the Front Door and Porch Uncluttered – When your door is blocked from sight by clutter or landscaping, it keeps the home’s energy blocked. Trim shrubbery and trees to give an unobstructed view of the door. If you are planting new trees, avoid placing a tree right in front of the door. Make certain the porch and door surroundings are free from any clutter. Planters, seating and décor items should be placed as to not choke the area around the door and allow the energy to flow freely.

A New Doormat – Choose a fresh new doormat that is beautiful and makes you feel good. Doormats are as much for the occupants as they are for guests. The word “welcome” will greet you as you return home or others when they visit. It is best not to put your name on your doormat.

Fresh Paint – Is it time for a fresh coat of paint or an energy shift? Choose a color that helps the eye find the front door if the color blends into the rest of the house. The front door reflects the inhabitants that live or work there and is the face you show the world. A fresh coat of paint can stimulate new growth. Relaxing colors signify a peaceful home. For wealth, use a color that activates energy such as red. If your front door is too close to the street, use a subtle paint color to help it blend in. You can choose a color and a door design based on the house element or from the area of the Feng Shui Bagua map that it is located in. A door in an earth area could have square panels and be a brown shade, a wood area could have a door that is a shade of green with rectangular panels. If needed, a practitioner can help you to find out the properties and elements for each area of your home.

Make Sure the Hardware is Clean and in Good Working Order – Make sure the knob is firm and tight and that the key works easily in the lock. A knob that is loose can represent that you may not be moving forward in an area of your life. Metal should be kept polished.

Flank Either Side with Lush, Healthy Plants and Flowers – Pretty flowers in bright colors bring good energy to the front door. Plants that are healthy with rounder leaves say welcome. Cactus plants and plants with thorns are not good choices for the front door area or landscaping as they say danger, go away. If you have house numbers, make sure they are easy to read and visible from the street. Numbers should be hung straight horizontally or vertically. There are wonderful ideas on Pinterest if you want to create a plaque or more decorative number sign. You can use the element of the base to signify the Bagua element of the front door area such as a wooden base for wood or metal for a metal area. If you like some of the traditional front door guardians, the turtle signifies a steady career and dragons and gargoyles are protective. Frogs placed outside facing the house can bring in prosperity.

Great Lighting – Use great lighting and make sure you turn it on for awhile each night. Clean the fixture and use the proper bulb. Light the path to the door as well.

If You Typically Use a Different Door to Enter - Be sure to open the front door every day to let in fresh air, energy and light if it is not the door you typically enter though.

The Threshold – The threshold should be firm to step on and clean. I like to clear energy here periodically by cleaning it with some vinegar or essential oils and water for a fresh start.

Doors Should Open Inward to be Most Auspicious – Doors should open inward and be large enough for the occupant to enter easily. Doors that open to the inside can keep intruders from being able to take apart the hinge and is much safer.

Solid Wooden Doors are the Most Secure – A solid wood door is most secure, but glass doors can bring in natural light. Beveled glass can project rainbows into the house which is uplifting. The entryway as you enter should feel as light and as spacious as possible. When opening the door, it is best to not see straight through and right out the back door. This has the energy moving too fast through the house and would benefit from a Feng Shui remedy, such as a round rug, to help slow down the Chi.

Wind Chimes – Wind chimes have been used for thousands of years for protection. Hollow, open metal rods energize and lift chi energy. They can purify, balance energy and attract prosperity. Rods that are solid restrict chi and energy flow. Metal chimes are good for the North, West and Northwest areas of your home. Bamboo or wooden chimes for the South, Southeast and East and glass or ceramic for the Southwest and Northeast. Be sure to choose a chime that has a sound that resonates with you. Don’t annoy your neighbors with your chime as that can cause backfire.

Katherine Yates is a designer that uses techniques from ancient classical and modern intuitive Feng Shui principles to help create harmonious and supportive environments for her client’s homes and businesses.


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