My Journey to Pilates and How it Changed My Life

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Life is strange and you can go through things you don't understand until you realize it brings you to a place you love.  Never thought that a fall off a 17 hand horse (broken pelvis in 2 spots, nerve damage right leg, and a 6 hour back surgery) would change my life for the better.

My very talented surgeon, Dr. Stephen Schlopper, did a fantastic job on my L4 L5 back fusion, plus the rods and screws for my spondylolisthesis.  That wasn't the best thing he did f or me.  What was the best was telling me to take Pilates Lessons.

We moved to Northern California about that time and I started looking for Pilates Classes.  There was a resort just a mile down the road from us that had Pilates.  We joined the gym at the resort and I went to take my first Pilates Class.  Tina, the instructor, was very kind and knowledgeable.  So I started my first class and was wondering what was I doing there?  It was so foreign to me and I even left that first class early.  However, I did go back.

Over time, I learned that Pilates was not just core strength, but also focuses on stability in the body and control, as well as balance and posture.  I found that my body was feeling better, that I was standing taller, and had a sense of general well being.  I also realized that some of the movements involved your brain, making it a true mind-body exercise.

After 5 years, I decided to become a Mat Instructor.  I received my first certification in mat instruction in 2013.  I was teaching in Southern California and after moving to Tennessee, I found Patty Yoga who let me rent space at the Balanced You Studio.  A couple years later, I met Allison Butler who had a reformer and I started taking lessons from her and realized that I needed to be certified with the apparatus.  I started my apparatus journey in 2018 working with Bambi Watt.  Bambi trained with Ramona who worked with Joseph Pilates.

Today, I expect my certification to be complete by the end of the year.  I have about a dozen clients who know the benefits that Pilates gives them.  Balance, posture, clothes fitting better and feeling stronger are the comments I hear. 

Joseph Pilates was a true miracle worker and I am proof of that.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at, or on facebook, Pilates With Susie.  If you are curious and want to see the apparatus, let me know and I will give you a "tour" of the studio.

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