Reiki for Troubling Times

​Interest in working with Reiki energy has increased since Covid. This pandemic and the ensuing regulations have changed our lives in many ways, for some, quite drastically. For many, challenging us in ways we have not been challenged in our lifetime. There is a spiritual reason for everything that happens in our lives and to humanity as a whole. Our biggest growth, individually and collectively, comes when we are pushed to the edge of our comfort zone or even to the brink of disaster. One of the results of this universal nudge (or shove) may be that we begin to desire to know the spiritual/energetic aspect of ourselves. Universal life force is flowing around us, at all moments whether we realize it or not. Whether we choose to acknowledge and understand its flow is up to us and for many becomes the entry point to the spiritual journey. We spend our lives gathering our inner forces to come into our own strength, our full potential. Once we choose to come into our full power, we stop giving our authority to someone or something else. Deciding to learn about and work with Reiki energy, we acknowledge that it is time to stand in our own light. This begins the process of self-healing and bringing strength and healing to others. Many things can trigger that feeling of wanting to explore ourselves deeper and to become more conscious of our inner wisdom. A health crisis, a relationship break, a job loss, financial difficulties, loneliness and isolation. When that feeling comes it's almost like receiving an etheric tap on the shoulder; “it's time.” Time to emerge and meet unexplored parts of ourselves and tap into new potentials. And there is the polarity of this tap coming at a time when the world feels uncertain and maybe frightening. This signifies that it’s time for a breakthrough moment, for us individually and for the collective. Breakthrough moments are not always easy but they bring us to a new shore, a place of peace and wholeness that our inner self is moving towards. Learning to work with Reiki energy allows us to more deeply embrace our true essence and the magnitude of who we are. Our life takes on a new meaning, expanding and revealing, urging us to proceed and to trust in ourselves and in our life path.

For upcoming Reiki Trainings, Levels I, II and Master/Teacher level, or for a Reiki session contact Nicole Fey at

Nicole Fey is a Certified Reiki Master. She was trained and certified in the Unlimited Reiki System​ in New York City by Dr. Mickaelle Menos. She has taught Reiki throughout the United States and has been a practitioner since 1997.

Nicole is founder and health coach at Nicole Fey Wellness in Knoxville, Tennessee and works locally and remotely with clients around the world. In her spare time, she grows her garden, homeschools her daughter and works as an organizational management consultant for holistic companies and organizations.

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