Reiki Healing helped me stop smoking!

By Sandy Pullin, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian™ Master/Teacher

Reiki can be used to help with any addiction whether it’s smoking, drinking, drugs or even eating too much.

I started smoking in college back when it was the cool thing to do. I smoked for years and enjoyed it. I really didn't "want" to stop, but I knew I needed to for a lot of reasons. I give myself Reiki daily anyway so I just added a few extra minutes to my solar plexus with the intention of "wanting to stop smoking." I always incorporate all the symbols, however traditionally the emotional symbol is used to stop addictions.

Not too long after I began using Reiki to want to stop...I didn't really feel like it was working, but late one night I ran out of cigarettes. Rather than go to the store right then I decided to wait until the next day (ordinarily I would have gone on right then). The next day came and I decided I wouldn't buy any at that moment. I gave myself permission to buy them any time I wanted, I just didn't want to.

I didn't tell anyone for a while because I was afraid of backsliding...but I didn't! I won't say it was easy, but Reiki made it possible. I had tried several different methods including cold turkey, tapering down and the Rx drug Chantix. Five days was the most I had succeeded before without starting again. It has been well over 5 years and I haven't smoked since that day I ran out of cigarettes.

Another way you could do it is to write a positive mantra on a note card and give it Reiki using the symbols you are led to use. An example: "I have only healthy habits that are good for me and promote my good health." If you use crystals with Reiki you could place your note card under a Reiki crystal or on a crystal grid to send continuous energy to your mantra. Just remember that intention is the most important ingredient in sending Reiki to a situation or addiction. Reiki works! I know it will work for you.

Sandy Evans Pullin Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher Lightarian™ Reiki Master/Teacher Affiliate Member of The International Center for Reiki Training Reiki Balance N Bliss, Knoxville, Tennessee

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