September 2020 ETWD News

Hi Friends,


If there were ever a time to strengthen your body, immune system, resilience and positivity, it's now! Agreed?

I am so grateful for all the alternative and complementary healing modalities available to us here in East Tennessee.


What is speaking to you at this time? Calling you to grow, heal, resolve, overcome? As summer transitions into Fall this month, let's focus on our inner transitions and seek and welcome support from all the helpful people in our lives, starting here.

To Your Health,


Meet a few of our Practitioners...

Noah Frere


Astronomology with Noah Frere: Linking astronomy and astrology. https://www.instagram.com/astronomologer/
Nicole Fey

Reiki Master/Teacher

We are an accumulation of the events that have occurred in our lives. When we are able to relax and quiet the mind, we understand ourselves and our lives better and therefore move forward in our spiritual growth. With growth comes wisdom, maturity, compassion and an open heart. Through Reiki, a sense of deep relaxation and serenity are attained. Nicole offers monthly Reiki I & II Training Classes with certification. Contact: nicole@nicolefeywellness.com

Health Coach

Our journey to wellness works from the inside out, from the root to the plant. Positive, lasting change can only occur when we begin making changes at a root level. This philosophy has been a part of my life from the beginning.   https://rootjourney.com
Debbie Parsons

Debbie Parsons

Relaxation Coach

You are not alone in feeling frustrated about the current level of stress and anxiety you feel in your life. It seems that what most of us feel is normal and manageable in a day is actually what's keeping us stuck, tired and even sickhttps://relaxationuniversity.teachable.com
Dorothy Verbick and Jennifer MacIssac.jp

Creating Mindfulness

Creative Practices

Our mission is teach practices of creativity within practices of mindfulness. We bring people together to Connect, Reflect, Create through women’s circles, workshops, and retreats  www.creatingmindfulness.com
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Informing your holistic health journey

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My Journey to Pilates and How it Changed My Life

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East TN Wellness Marketplace

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