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TN Ctr for Reproductive Acupuncture
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About the Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture

We are dedicated to your growing family. Knoxville’s first and only acupuncture practice dedicated to fertility and prenatal wellness. Infertility can be devastating for couples and families. At Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture, we offer a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment to find real options for your fertility challenges. We want to make your dream of parenthood a reality. Whether you are planning to conceive naturally or you want to increase the success of IVF, IUI or another fertility treatment, we want to help.

About Sarah Prater, Founder and Acupuncturist

Sarah has had the honor of helping many women give birth to happy, healthy babies and has a diverse background that enables her to fully support you through your journey. Her passion for helping her patients expand their families shows in every aspect of her work. She takes the time to get to know you and find the treatment plan that is best for you. Sarah strives to stay up to date with current research in her field and is constantly updating her protocols to offer the maximum benefit. Her wide breadth of experience allows her to work cooperatively with reproductive endocrinologists and OB/GYN’s to provide the best care for her patients.


Sarah has been practicing acupuncture since 2008 and relocated to Tennessee in 2015. She lives in Maryville with her husband and two children. She is an avid cyclist and spends as much time as she can in the mountains.


S.H.: What a WONDERFUL, caring and attentive staff...and relaxing atmosphere....After learning that my husband and I could not have children naturally, we decided we would do everything within our power to increase our chances of conceiving through IVF. There is no doubt in my heart that acupuncture played a major role in conceiving on the VERY FIRST try! I received treatments throughout my entire pregnancy (pre-pregnancy as well) and it was very smooth, with VERY minimal "symptoms / side-effects". Our baby was born healthy, at 39 1/2 weeks and we went home a day early from the hospital! Sarah is so kind and was very aware of the sensitivity of our situation. We will definitely go back.

S.W.: I loved having worked with Sarah....in conjunction with other infertility treatments, I am happy to say we are now expecting twins summer of 2014. I had never had acupuncture but Sarah made it welcoming and it was never scary. She even remembers all of my doctor's appts and checks in the same day to see how they went - that's my favorite part! I know she has other patients to tend to but she takes time to care about me outside of my appt. time too!

Contact Information:

Phone: 865-315-3845

Email: info@tennesseereproductiveacupuncture.com

Address: 342 Ebenezer Rd.  Knoxville, TN 37923

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