Look who I found on the East Tennessee Wellness Directory!


East TN Wellness Directory

~by Holly Talarachyk, QHHT Level 2 Practitioner 

East Tennessee Wellness Directory gives me a much needed boost to my healing practice.  I started receiving referrals (& new clients) through the directory almost immediately after posting my listing on here.  This is a fantastic addition to my advertising power for prospective clients. 

Noah Frere2.jpg

Noah Frere, Astrologer

~by Tristen S.

Noah is incredible and I look forward to meeting with him again for more discussion regarding Astrology, or honestly anything else because he was just wonderful to have conversation with! He provided me with an in-depth printout as well as sitting with me and explaining what all of everything means. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone interested or curious about Astrology and their Natal chart. 


~by Nicole F.

What a great massage by Tristen! She is a truly intuitive and highly skilled massage therapist. After my massage, my knee, which has been bothering me for a year, no longer hurt and still feels fine. I will use her services again and I highly recommend her!