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About Tim Woody

Tim began his practice as a Tarot reader while traveling from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. During this time he offered readings to anyone who wanted one, and though this began as a form of entertainment for hikers and travelers, he soon realized the powerful healing work the cards can facilitate when read faithfully.


Before discovering his love of the Tarot, Tim dedicated himself to the musical life. He has a degree in Music Composition from Belmont University in Nashville and is active in Knoxville as a singer, guitarist, band leader, songwriter and composer/arranger.


Beyond music, Tim is also a writer of fiction and of topical nonfiction. This grounding in the arts makes Tim particularly suited as a reader for artists and craftspeople looking to grow or to harvest their passion, though he enjoys reading for people from all backgrounds and occupations. His journey with the Tarot has been profoundly transformative for Tim, and he would love to share this transformation with you.

About Classic Cartomancy

Classic Cartomancy seeks to practice and promote the traditional art of Tarot cartomancy (card-based sortilege). The base of this practice is an almost exclusive use of the Jodorowsky-Camoin deck, a restored version of the 1471 Camoin Tarot de Marseilles. This old-style deck is ripe with evocative imagery and association, though it requires more initial study from the reader than do the more explicitly illustrated decks such as the Waite-Smith.


Accordingly, readings from Classic Cartomancy draw both from the scholastic study/memorization of the deck and from the intuitive method that assists most forms of sortilege. The result is a specific, question-driven reading that can address more traditional avenues of investigation (questions regarding family, friends, life purpose, emotional growth) as well as uniquely modern concerns (careers in technology and media, planning for the immediate future).


Come to Classic Cartomancy with your questions general or specific, personal or abstract, past, present or future. The cards have much to say, and can't wait to help you! Readings are affordable and can be scheduled through Classic Cartomancy's facebook page, instagram, or website.


Readings can be done in person or through audio/video call. The cards look forward to meeting you!

Contact Tim: timnwoody@gmail.com
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