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Personal Transformation Coach

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About Connected Being Personal Transformational Coaching

Connected Being offers Personal Transformation Coaching that gives you the space and the reflection to strengthen your connection to your own knowing, your own way of being:

• Be held by gentle, intuitive coaching

• Find true you through self-discovery

• Uncover what's most important to you

• Tune in deeply to your authentic self

• Discern where to focus your energy

• Dissolve old, worn-out limiting beliefs


Personal Transformation Coaching with Wendy encourages and guides you to pause and attune to your own inner wisdom.

Connected Being also offers "Women's Writing Circle: the moon journal" several times each year in different locations around Knoxville. Tailored guided meditations, journaling, genuine sharing, individual and collective growth, and a custom Moon Mandala guide us through the lunar cycle.

About Wendy Weiss, Personal Transformation Coach, Women's Circles

I love words and stories. How people express themselves and use language to create their understanding of the world is endlessly fascinating to me. Having studied writing and literature, I practice using a keen sense of observation and being in a perpetual state of beginner’s mind. I love discovering what’s hidden in plain sight.


Coaching is truly a natural extension of my authentic way of being. I love listening to people’s stories and the narratives they use to describe themselves and their lives. I savor metaphors, turns of phrase, and personal lexicons that crop up in conversation. In coaching, these feel like sacred offerings that fill me with awe and curiosity. Listening is the heart of coaching for me. I get the opportunity to be in a deeper level of communicating, while exploring what’s truly important and of value to my client.


I revel in being that presence to others, in service to those who seek to discover a truer sense of themselves, who find dynamic healing and unbounded creativity as ways to fuel their personal growth. I am especially inspired by and drawn to work with those who are willing to embrace transformation in response to life's challenges and changes.


Certified Leadership & Life Coach, Coach for Life

Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation